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Learn about the benefits of being our sponsor!
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Official sponsor

Booth 20ft x 20ft x 10ft x 8ft

  • Marquee with the name of the company.

  • Business meeting (B2B) with supplier and buyer companies.

  • Rectangular table with tablecloth and two chairs.

  • High table with 3 high chairs (B2B)

  • Counter with company logo and high chair.

  • 3 passes to the Lounge Area for the people of the booth.

  • An electricity contact.




  • Recognition as a sponsor of the event in all marketing materials, advertising campaigns and event organization material (medium size at the top).

  • Mention of your company by the master of ceremonies at conferences (at the inauguration).

  • Brand presence on attendees and exhibitors badges.

  • Logo on the event website.

  • Fixed sponsor logo with priority in the event. As well as the right to place by the sponsor any promotional material in their area (in all areas of the event).

  • Logo on promotional bags of the event (medium size at the top).

  • Right to distribution of materials within the welcome bag.

  • Logo printing on internal media (banners and exclusive area).

  • 6 exclusive mass emails from your company.

  • 8 exclusive Facebook posts from your company

  • 5 Access to the exclusive area.

  • Full page in the event directory.


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